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Restricted Keys


Restricted Master Key System Upgrades

Key systems are often re-keyed over time as upgrades to hardware are made or new locations are added. Third party service firms and former employees may have made duplicated keys with or without your consent and your current system may no longer be secure. Inadequate security can lead to property loss, replacement costs and even personal injury.

One of the greatest security problems facing commerce is the unauthorized duplication of keys. ProTech Locksmiths have upgraded and resolved this issue for many clients including condo associations, property management companies, government agencies, banks, credit union and more.

Peace of Mind Restricted Key Systems

ProTech Locksmiths will show you how our high security restricted key systems can increase security, control losses, save you money and reduce maintenance costs. We’ll consult in depth with your team to determine which personnel, by project function, personal staff, janitorial services, third party clients etc. require access to which doors. We’ll work with you to determine which doors require restricted key access in your building and custom design a system to meet your needs.

Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you by continually providing the greatest solutions to your access control problems.

The most cost effective, flexible, patented key control system you can buy.

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