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Lock Re-keying Service


Do you need your locks re-keyed?

ProTech Locksmiths can re-key any lock ever manufactured, from the smallest padlock to the largest vault. We can provide re-key services to your home or business location, or you can bring your lock or locksets to our Barrie storefront location, and we can re-key your locks while you wait.

  • Have you lost a key to your lock?
  • Have you just moved into a new home, business, condo, cottage, etc?
  • Have your keys been stolen or misplaced?
  • Have you been having trouble with your existing lock and key?
  • Have you found out someone may have a key to your lock that shouldn’t?
  • Have you lent out a key but it was never returned back to you?
  • Have you just rented a home, condo, or apartment?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions then you need your locks re-keyed ASAP! Protect your family and your personal possessions with the help of our licensed, bonded, certified and insured ProTech Locksmiths.

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